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Post Debbie Hobby

G’day Ladies and Gentlemen, Sneaky Legionnaire: Cyclone Debbie did its damage and several from the Norseman Hobby Team were busy helping out with the damage. Hobby was disrupted during this time, but the hobby train is very hard to stop once its rolling. The team has been talking behind the scenes about all things hobby […]

Cyclone Debbie Comes to the Hobby Party….

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, If you weren’t already aware, Cyclone Debbie is expected to make her way to the North Eastern Coastline in the next 24 – 48 hours. To our dismay, Cyclone Debbie doesn’t seem to be screwing around: the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting that Debbie will hit land with the force […]

Beginner Airbrush Course: March 2017

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, As we previously advertised on our blog, the Norseman Hobby Team were invited to use our local retail store Doubletap Wargaming and Hobbies to host our beginner airbrush course. We have run the course previously at Double Tap in August 2016 and again at Herocon 2016 which you can see […]